Welcome to the Void

Welcome to The Void of Celluloid. A place for horror lovers and newcomers alike. Grab your spelunking gear and jump on in, the most recent voids to explore are below. Want to see what else we have to offer? Click ‘Into the Void‘ for all of our articles.

Welcome to The Void

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Congrats! You found a secret message from the author of The Void of Celluloid! If you found this, you have to subscribe now. I am writing this to make the SEO happy, but I am grateful for you and your viewership, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your time here on The Void of Celluloid. Horror has always been a passion of mine and after years of people telling me to start a blog, I went ahead and did it. So far, it feels like my opinions have been valued and appreciated, so I always plan to improve and continue providing content. The horror genre is a powerful one. It is often overlooked, so I am here to make it accessible and put it up on the pedestal it deserves. Thank you, and welcome to the Void once more.