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The Void of Celluloid’s 31 Days of Horror Series

This is a collection of an annual tradition here on The Void of Celluloid. 31 days, 31 movies, 31 drinks and 31 snacks. A guide for a perfect scary movie night whether it is Halloween or not.

31 Days of Horror: Let’s Kick it Off

Celebrate October with TVOC with the 31 Days of Horror, complete with double features and other treats to make every night a movie night.

31 Days of Horror: Week Two

Another week in October, another week full of scares. Join the Void of Celluloid for 31 Days of Horror: Week Two.

31 Days of Horror: Week Three

Join The Void as we set up pairings and double features for the 31 Days of Horror: Week Three. Spooky season storms on!

31 Days of Horror: The Final Ten Days

It is the final installment of this tasty series with The Void of Celluloid. Join us for the 31 Days of Horror: The Final Ten Days.

31 Days of Horror ’22: Week Two

Jump into the void as we go on to Week 2 of the 31 Days of Horror. A lot of classics paired with soon-to-be classics this week.